Irresponsibly correct

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Hi off-trackers,

I have no idea how you ended here but make yourself at home. After all, I started this blog to store my analyses and results, but it seems some people were interested that I share them. I hope you will find them interesting, disturbing(hopefully not too much), funny and will let you ask yourself if there are more choices in this little world of ours.

So what is this blog about ?

Well… About questions that are going off the track. After some life experience, I got the conclusion that most people are “Irresponsibly correct”: In order to avoid the responsibility of possible damage, they will tend to position themselves in a perfectly clean zone and pretend the rest does not exist.

For example, parents will never tell their children to cross the street when the traffic light is red for them. We all learn by ourselves that we can do it if we are being careful. The reason they will not tell this is because, if something bad happens, the parents will not feel any guilt: “Honey, it is not our fault. We taught them well”.

So, this blog is about truth, moral or immoral, rather dirty than clean. It is up to you to like or not. I am not trying to please everyone and I am sure that some of the content will make me look like an asshole.

But if you like it dirty, welcome to my world !

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3 Responses to Irresponsibly correct

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  2. Greg says:

    Or maybe children are just too dumb to be cautious, don’t you think?
    Everybody know young children are careless and act foolishly… well, almost all the time.

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